Active Learning

Web Resources on Active Learning Strategies

Active Learning Overview. Topics include: what is active learning?; overview of active learning strategies; overcoming barriers to active learning; and active learning in the lab and clinic. Also provides links to selected additional resources. 13 links

Using Questioning and Discussion (links to the Traditional Teaching section). Topics include using the discussion method and asking questions. Provides tips on facilitating discussions, and solving the problems that can occur. Also covers how to assess your questioning skills and better plan your questioning. 16 links

Creating Group & Collaborative Learning. Provides general resources on group and collaborative learning (CL), as well as links to CL methods, group evaluation strategies, selected research studies on group learning, and approaches to online CL. Also includes links to CL Centers and selected bibliographic resources. 26 links

Applying Problem-Based Learning. Includes introductory materials on problem-based learning (PBL) and selected resources on PBL methods. Covers keys issues surrounding this approach and provides access to several online Centers devoted to PBL. Provides several prestructured Medline search on PBL in the health professions. 29 links

Using Self-Directed/Contract Learning. Provides introductory resources on self-directed learning (SDL) and links to a variety of related techniques. Covers learning contracts, educational technology and SDL, and some of the major issues surrounding this approach. Includes several prestructured Medline searches on this topic. 10 links