Career Development

Web Resources on Career Development

Developing and Maintaining a Teaching Portfolio. Topics include: the rationale and concept of the teaching portfolio; describing your teaching philosophy; how to create a teaching portfolio (tutorials and guidebooks); developing electronic portfolios; and links to additional resources. 18 links

Using Student Evaluations to Improve Teaching. Describes the truths, misconceptions, myths, use, and misuse of student evaluations of teaching. Discusses the research findings concerning the validity, reliability and potential biases of student evaluations, and recommends several practical ways to use student evaluation to improve teaching and to prepare for tenure/promotion/merit decisions. 18 links

Peer Review of Teaching. Includes introductory materials on the peer review of teaching, as well as advice for the individual faculty member on using this method to improve teaching. Also covers how to plan and implementing a peer review program and provides links to additional resources on this topic. 24 links

Mentoring. Provides introductory resources on mentoring, online mentoring books and handbooks, and links to sites focusing on career mentoring for women and telementoring. Provides access to selected mentoring centers & programs and a good selection of bibliographic resources, including a a dynamic search of the Medline database on faculty mentoring using the NLM PubMed interface. 9 links

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning. Reviews standards that clarify and describe the full range of scholarship within the health professions and the need to reconsider their value as related to the mission of educational institutions and tenure and promotion decisions. Differentiates scholarly teaching from the scholarship of teaching (SoTL). Includes links to related organizations, a collection of SoTL tutorials, tips for getting articles on teaching and learning published, and selected bibliographic resources on SoTL. 24 links

Community-Based Scholarship. Provides an overview of community-based scholarship (aka community-engaged scholarship, scholarship of engagement), including key terms, needed institutional strategies, assessment methods and standards, and ways for faculty to document and apply this important form of inquiry to their career advancement. 13 links

Delivering Quality Presentations. Discusses key principles and steps needed for planning, preparing and delivering effective scientific presentations, including how to properly structure and outline your topic and create good support materials; how to develop good speaking skills; how to effectively incorporate multimedia presentation technologies; how to close and answer audience questions; and how to avoid the common pitfalls when giving your presentations. Includes hundreds of specific presentations tips from commercial sources and a dynamic search of the Medline database on scientific presentations using the NLM PubMed interface. 15 links

Providing Good Poster Sessions. Discusses the purpose of the poster session/format and ways to assure a quality result. Provides tutorials on how to create good traditional paste/pin-up and large format printed posters, including guidelines on the use of photos, visuals, text and layout considerations. Includes a helpful list of do’s and don’ts covering poster design and content. Compares and contrasts traditional posters with Web-based presentations. Includes a dynamic search of the Medline database on poster sessions and presentations using the NLM PubMed interface. 12 links